In conformity with the ban on the sale and distribution of alcohol, we are currently unable to deliver your wines. Our online shop remains open during this time and any purchases will be delivered once the ban has been lifted. All orders placed will be stored safely in our cellar. Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time in the wine industry.

This is a delightful story. About sustainability. A dream of doing things differently. And ducks. At Vergenoegd Löw, we’ve always been dedicated to great wine, innovation and environmentally friendly practices.

So, when it came to protecting our precious vineyards from pests, we asked: Is there a better way in which we can protect our delicate ecosystem? Today, our enthusiastic flock of over 1600 Indian Runner Ducks forage in the vineyards, happily dining on snails and keeping our terroir pest free, naturally.

Red, white or rosé – there’s a story in every sip.

Runner Duck Sauvignon Blanc

Runner Duck Shiraz Rosé

Runner Duck Red Blend

The Pioneers embody the ambitious and charismatic spirit of Vergenoegd Löw The Wine Estate. These are the innovative techniques that push boundaries to create distinctive wines unlike any other.

Scion Ridge Shiraz

Coastal Rock Merlot

Terrace Bay Blend

Cabernet Sauvignon

Estate Blend

The Legends are in a league of their own. These are the wines that have been perfected over generations and carry Vergenoegd Löw The Wine Estate’s enduring legacy.

“Harvested with pride, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and bottled with passion”

The year was 1986. Two Portuguese vines were brought from afar and nurtured in the rich soil of Vergenoegd Löw The Wine Estate. For generations, these vineyards have been tended with passion and skill. It’s from this masterful blend of Tinta Barocca and Touriga Naçional cultivated in the unique terroir of our very own vineyards that Territa was born. A bold complex Cape Vintage with a true sense of place.

A complex blend of dried apricot, fruit cake and raisins on the nose. Soft tannins and a velvety mouthfeel offer a subtle introduction, followed by bold nuttiness and a lingering finish. An exceptional end to any occasion.

Territa Cape Vintage


The Vergenoegd Löw vineyards are our own garden of Eden – an enchanted place where you’ll find red merlot grapes kissed by sun and dew.