Nature Defines

Our Wines

We grow and make all our wines on the farm, making the most of our natural assets. It’s cooler here than average for Stellenbosch (by about 3ᵒC). We’re very close to the sea (under 5km away). Ocean breezes cool the vines in summer, so the grapes ripen slowly with concentrated flavours and balance. We also lie on an ancient marine bed, dense with sea fossils, lime-rich, granitic and sandstone soils, all great for viticulture.

That’s how our wines can be so elegant, restrained and beautifully balanced.

We also maximise our advantages by farming regeneratively with multi crops and animals. We keep Indian Runner ducks (that eat the pests) and Dexter cattle (that eat the weeds). Both fertilise the soils.

By enriching the life and biodiversity of the soil, we grow strong, resilient vines that give healthy, well-ripened grapes. That’s why in the cellar, we “follow the grapes”, letting them decide how they should be handled. It’s a low intervention approach.

MD and seasoned viticulturist Corius Visser, knows Stellenbosch like the back of his hand. Winemaker is Elsenberg-trained Vusi (Mvuselelo) Dalicuba who works under him. Vusi is assisted by Tamsin Valentine.

We have over 50ha planted to a mix of reds (75%) and whites (25%).

Vusi Dalicuba, Winemaker at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Vusi Dalicuba, Winemaker at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, tasting red wine in the cellar behind oak wine barrels
Vusi Dalicuba, Winemaker at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, ensuring award-winning wine excellence in the Stellenbosch wine area.

This image features Vusi Dalicuba, the talented winemaker at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, located in the beautiful Stellenbosch wine region. Vusi is seen tasting red wine from a glass while standing in the cellar behind oak wine barrels. His dedication to crafting high-quality wines reflects the estate's commitment to excellence and tradition.

Vergenoegd Löw Wine Ranges

The Vergenoegd Löw Range

Every wine in the range expresses respect for heritage and traditional ways of farming for vineyard health and sustainability. But we infuse these historic ways with fresh, dynamic and progressive thinking. This approach to viticulture, where we rely increasingly on nature, gives the grapes a chance to take centre-stage in the cellar. Our way of viticulture is to let the grapes guide us. Not the other way round.

Vergenoegd Low White Wine Range
Vergenoegd Low Red Wine Range
Vergenoegd Low MCC

Vergenoegd Löw Wine Ranges

The Heritage Range

Sometimes there are exceptional circumstances that create exceptional Stellenbosch wines. A particularly interesting vintage, for example, allows us to experiment and innovate beyond our classic range. When we are gifted with such grapes, we create deep, complex wines of enduring staying power. These are always small-edition, collectable wines.

Vergenoegd Löw Heritage Collection

Vergenoegd Löw Wine Ranges

Schloss Frankenberg Range

Just like Vergenoegd Löw, Schloss (Castle) Frankenberg is an historic luxury estate (and one-time museum) that is a member of the European Heritage Project. This link gives us access to some of the proud German winery’s loveliest white wines. Medieval, 14th century towers flank steep hillside vineyards in this fairytale North Rhine-Westphalia setting, known for its prowess in viticulture and oenology.

Schloss Frankenberg Range