Invaluable people,
the essence of

Managing a wine estate such as At Vergenoegd Löw, requires a variety of skills, passion, commitment and attention to detail of the team members. Some take care of farming operations, which include a herd of Dexter cattle and Indian Runner Ducks. Others look after the vineyards: from planting, pruning, trellises, canopy management, drip irrigation and harvesting to the making, bottling, marketing and selling of the wine.

The cellar management, logistics of wine distribution, landscaping, maintenance and financial management all require special skills. And because people are the essence of everything, positive interaction with the public is important to Vergenoegd Löw. The The Homestead Wine Lounge, two top-class restaurants and the spa receive visitors daily. Every team member plays an important role in creating an experience steeped in heritage, sustainability and award-winning wines.

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