Waterbird Habitat Project

We have always loved our ducks here at Vergenoegd, but we have
decided to take it a step further and show people that we actually love ALL
Our ducks are a big part of why Vergenoegd Löw proudly carries a WWF
biodiversity certification seal as well as being awarded Conservation
Champion status. After many discussions and endless amounts of phone
calls to the people who have the conservation/birdlife know-how, we are
very proud to announce that the “Vergenoegd Waterbird Habitat Project “
has become a reality. We thought it could be a good idea, but when we
saw how many of the well-known Conservation Bodies were willing to put
their name on this project, we couldn’t help but feel emotional about this
becoming a reality in a big way.
This project is funded by the Table Mountain Fund (TMF) and jointly
project managed by NCC Environmental Services and BirdLife South
Africa. Other core partners include: The Department of Environmental
Affairs’ Working for Wetlands Programme, The Department of
Agriculture’s LandCare programme, the WWF Biodiversity and Wine
Initiative and CapeNature.
The whole idea behind this project is to produce a guideline document and
examples of how private landowners can rehabilitate/change existing
water bodies (like a regular irrigation dam) on their property to make it the
perfect habitat for all kinds of indigenous waterbirds. It is amazing to see
what these innovative conservation people come up with – even building
floating islands is part of the program. Starting on Vergenoegd, example
rehabilitated waterbodies will be created to be able to show that it actually
works. When these types of perfect breeding grounds are created for
waterbirds it will attract all kinds of predator and migrating birds alike. It is
definitely something that will make a major impact in helping our wonderful
and sometime rare species to thrive once again in the Western Cape.