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Pure bliss? The secret’s out.

We are revealing our secret pleasure… sipping on pure, chilled Merlot.

Born out of a love for lush, lively flavours: we bring you Adam & Eve – two truly original, limited edition wines created by Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate.

The first of its kind Vergenoegd Löw, both Adam & Eve are crafted 100% from Merlot grapes, using a unique wine-making technique. Best enjoyed chilled, these wines are an irresistible choice for long, lazy, sun-kissed lunches and warm, moonlit summer evenings.

Each wine celebrates the freshness and smoothness of Merlot in its own unforgettable way:

To create Eve, Merlot grapes are plucked early to capture their unique flavours and bring out a delicate balance of tropical fruit notes. With subtle hints of citrus and lemon zest, Eve is delicate yet invigorating – and far more alluring than any forbidden fruit. Chill Eve and serve immediately.

Adam is bursting with the bold flavours of soft ripe plum, red berries and hints of strawberry sorbet. Also made from 100% Merlot grapes, Adam is young, fresh and easy-drinking. You can chill Adam along with Eve but let the wine stand for a while before pouring.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift (for yourself or someone special)?

Tend to suffer from FOMO?

SHOP NOW and secure your limited-edition Adam & Eve Collector’s Pair, packed in a gorgeous two-bottle carrier!

You will receive:
• 1 x bottle of Adam Merlot 2018
• 1 x bottle of Eve White Merlot 2018
• Designer two-bottle carrier

Stocks are limited. SOLD OUT!


Need to know:
Max. 15 pairs per order please. We’re only able to ship within South Africa.
Sales indicate all pairs will be gone before end December 2018 so do not delay!

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