A Picture-Perfect Day In Stellenbosch

11 June 2024

Picture-perfect Vergenoegd Löw, infused with luxury, heritage and authenticity

From the moment you enter the gates of Vergenoegd Löw, you know you can let go of all cares and responsibilities.

Wide skies, beautiful views, a glorious indigenous garden and gentle, whispering sounds of nature signal the serenity of our estate. Maybe you’ll hear the bulrushes as they brush up against each other in the breeze, birds flying and or nestling amongst the foliage. Sometimes you can hear the sea (just 5km away) and feel its tingling briny freshness on your face.

A selection of small plates at Geuwels

Hungry? Walk across to Geuwels, for a delicious farm breakfast, or lunch served as a selection of small plates. Everything on the menu has been carefully conceived by chefs Bertus Basson and Drikus Brink, who know Stellenbosch like the back of their hand. Some produce is grown on the farm. Otherwise, it’s sourced from small-scale farmers nearby. Home-baked breads, roosterkoek or even duck eggs, if you fancy. Lots of traditional flavours offered to you in a refreshingly new way.

Indian Runner Ducks hard at work

Depending on the time, you might get to meet the Indian Runner duck that laid your egg, along with her companions as they make their way to work. Every day, at 09:00 and 12:00 on the dot, they’re taken into the vineyards, to consume the snails and insects that might otherwise harm the vines and the cover crops. They are also very partial to certain weeds.

Look out for the Dexter cattle grazing nearby. They share the workload with the ducks, eating other weeds. Together they fertilize and enrich the soil, that’s so good for our wine grapes.

Perfect companion on a cold winters day

Which is exactly why you should try our wines. What makes them unique is the subtle tang of salt that some tasters pick up. Real or imagined, it’s definitely the influence of the sea. You can go for a line-up of four white wines – a combo of our own estate wines and wines from our sister luxury property in Germany. Reds rather? Then we have five of our own to sample. You can even design your own tasting if you want. George Young, a talented young sommelier and our tasting room manager, will together with his team, guide you expertly but approachably with as much or as little info as you’re ready to take in. They’ll even arrange for wines you buy from our shop to be delivered to your home or your office.

Awaken your senses with an Indigenous Food & Wine Tasting

Perhaps you’ve skipped breakfast and are ready to sample some intriguing traditional food flavours presented with six wines. We call it the Indigenous Food & Wine Tasting, awakening your senses and letting you combine local heritage flavours like bokkoms, biltong, amasi, herbs, spices and homemade onion marmalade, and end if off with a tasting of fine wines.

Spoil yourself with a luxury spa treatment

Need a breather yet? Spoil yourself at our spa where our hand-picked therapists will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. From a massage to a facial, a mani or pedi, it yours to choose.

Walk the nature trails, savour the view from Amalie’s Island, discover the rich plant and bird life in the gardens and along the vlei.

Modern South African dining at Clara’s Barn

If it is modern South African dining you prefer, presented in the oldest building on our farm (a converted 18th century barn), then come along to Clara’s Barn for reimagined Cape flavours presented in five seasonal courses by chef Drikus and his team.

And just saying: our estate is superb. Close to Cape Town and Somerset West but a world away.