Sandra Hendricks

29 February 2024

An all-rounder with a go-getter attitude

It was not long after she left school that Sandra joined Vergenoegd. Finances were tight at home, and her mother lived on the farm. On a whim she joined the second day of harvesting. It was 13 May 1996. “During my first days, I cut my fingers to ribbons, but I persevered!”

Meet Sandra Hendricks: From Vineyards to Vital Admin, A Journey of Grit and Growth.

Meet Sandra Hendricks: From Vineyards to Vital Admin, A Journey of Grit and Growth

She says the harvesters would work in teams, and she could hold her own in the vineyard, working very fast. It was not long before she learned to also prune the vines.

Her second job on the farm was as a cleaner for 7 years.

Then stock control.

Then general administration.

She enjoys her job immensely. “I had – and still have – a lot of opportunities to develop and grow in my work. And I am thankful to God that the senior people in the business SEE me. I am proud of the role that I play in the business.”

Her current role involves working with invoices, orders, signing registers, leave forms, and much more. She helps with the filing and is learning about the financial side of the business.

“I love helping people.” For instance, she is not supposed to run after people to sign documents, but she does it when she sees the person is busy with other tasks. She really wants to help.

The estate has changed a lot during the years, and she keeps on being surprised by the progress on the estate. “Some days I look around me and I think: the farm is beautiful.”

Sandra brought up her three children mostly on her own and is immensely proud of them.

All three inherited the “sports gene” from their mother. The two boys excelled in cross-country running, like their mom, who made history for Zandvliet school, when she was number one for Western Province in 1989. Today, they play soccer, and the eldest one cricket as well.

She still plays netball for Macassar, as a goal shooter or goal attack. Her daughter Zaandré plays with her, and often they swop roles on the field.

How closely intertwined the farm is with her family is evident with Zaandré working for Angelo and Tina Casu at the hotel on the Estate.

“I brought my children up on this farm. I cannot see myself being anywhere else.”