Meet Leo van Schalkwyk, Vergenoegd Löw tasting room ambassador.

26 May 2024

The twenty-two-year-old, who shares a birthday with his twin sister, is currently immersed in the dynamic world of wine at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, where he found his calling.

Leo’s journey into the wine industry began with two harvest seasons in a cellar, where he delved deep into the art of winemaking. Prior to joining Vergenoegd Löw, he honed his skills further during a four-month stint at Waterford Wine Estate. These formative experiences not only refined his understanding of wine but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the people and processes behind each bottle of wine.

Leo van Schalkwyk in the Vergenoegd Löw Homestead ready to welcome guests to the various wine tasting experiances.

Passionate and knowledgeable, Leo van Schalkwyk brings Vergenoegd Löw’s wine tasting experiences to life.

At Vergenoegd Löw, Leo has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the estate, considering it his second family. Working in the tasting room on a full-time basis, he relishes the opportunity to engage with international guests, introducing them to the unparalleled experiences that Vergenoegd Löw has to offer. His passion for wine shines through as he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who cross his path.

Simultaneously, he’s currently pursuing a BCom in Supply Chain and Logistics online. He envisions a future where he can merge his love for wine with his academic pursuits. His ultimate goal is to navigate the intricate world of imports and exports within the wine industry.

Among the array of exceptional wines at Vergenoegd Löw, Leo’s personal favorite is Vergenoegd Löw Cabernet Sauvignon, a testament to his discerning palate and appreciation for complexity. With its rich notes of dark cherries and black fruits, delicately balanced by hints of floral fynbos, this wine embodies the essence of elegance and sophistication.