Meet George Young, newly appointed wine lounge manager

3 June 2024

We’re pleased to introduce you to the calm presence overseeing The Homestead Wine Lounge at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate. George carries himself with composure in his new position, displaying a quiet commitment and a deep passion for sharing the joys of wine.

He hails from the picturesque town of Hoedspruit in Limpopo, a place very close to his heart. With a background in competitive sports and bodybuilding, he embodies determination and teamwork while also cherishing time on his own.

George Young, new wine lounge manager

For George Young, the magic of his work lies in the connections forged with visitors.

While his talents extend beyond the realm of wine, his true gift lies in his ability to create memorable experiences for visitors.

For George, the magic of his work lies in the connections forged with visitors. From sharing a table with a couple for an entire day to witnessing their delight in discovering new wines, these moments are the heart of his favourite work memories.

In a field brimming with talent and mentorship, he finds inspiration from various individuals, like Spencer Fondaumiere, the chairman of the South African Sommeliers Association, and Le Roi van de Vyver, sommelier at Elgr Restaurant, whose guidance has shaped his career.

George was drawn to Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate by its ambitious vision and the positive transformations taking place within the winery. Eager to be part of this journey, he saw an opportunity to contribute his skills and passion to the team.

In his new role, he aims to empower his colleagues by furthering their wine knowledge and confidence. From encouraging WSET certifications to nurturing an interest in sommelier qualifications, his goal is to elevate the tasting experience for all visitors while highlighting the unique offerings of Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate.

His bucket list is a testament to his adventurous spirit, ranging from exploring the world’s wine regions to achieving his Cape Wine Masters qualification and witnessing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

When asked about his favourite Vergenoegd Löw wine, George doesn’t hesitate to praise the Vergenoegd Löw Merlot. With its complexity and elegance, he believes it’s a shining example of the potential of this underrated grape variety in South Africa, reflecting the winery’s commitment to quality and innovation.

As George continues to craft unforgettable experiences at Vergenoegd Löw, his passion for wine and dedication to excellence shine brightly, inviting visitors to savour every moment.