Blessing of the Harvest

19 February 2024

It’s become our tradition to bless the harvest here at Vergenoegd Löw. To give gratitude for our beautiful vineyards and the fine fruit they deliver. To celebrate the harvest to come. And to rejoice in our team and our community – the very people who play an integral part in the unique expression of each vintage we make. It’s customary to give our blessings in English, Afrikaans, and isiXhosa. And we invite the neighbours to join us. This year, we were thrilled and proud to include well-known winemaker Beyers Truter amongst the participants.

Blessing of the harvest

Managing Director Corius Visser, winemaker Vusi Dalicuba and Beyers Truter.

Our annual ceremony is an important way of honouring our heritage while paying tribute to the team of today. As one, we symbolically emptied baskets of grapes into the press and to conclude, we raised our MCC-filled glasses to the harvest, the farm, to each other and to all our supporters. From far away, you could hear the clear pealing sounds as we rang the old werfklok (farmvard bell) to welcome vintage 2024

Blessing of the harvest

A basket of grapes being emptied into the press.