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Watch GoodLuck #Live@Vergenoegd

Head on over to our Vergenoegd Facebook events page at LiveAtVergenoegd and follow the easy steps to stand a chance of winning tickets to our first #Live@Vergenoegd Summer Concert, featuring @GoodLuck!goodluck-competition


6 thoughts on “Watch GoodLuck #Live@Vergenoegd

    1. Hi Kyle

      Tickets may be purchased through Webtickets or at the Vergenoegd entrance gate. Gates open at 12pm. Admission: R120 adults, R50 kids, R1100 VIP package.

      Kind Regards


  1. We like Vergeoegd Saturday Market and visit it once a month and when having visitors. Today we were disappointed because we couldn’t get a table with the explanation we are fully booked. However, sitting outside at least 3 tables remained empty for over 1 hour. This is neither customer oriented nor economically wise. Change back to a come first save first model or we might change to another place. Market food stalls are also not that exciting anymore.

    1. Hi Dieter

      Thank you for visiting Vergenoegd and for your continued support.

      We’d love to have all our visitors leave happy, obviously we’ve come short of fulfilling your expectations this time ’round. We do apologize for this.

      We work on a reservation system that allows us to effectively plan and provide a top-notch service to visitors but we always try to accommodate walk-ins. Guests are obviously sometimes late as well so open tables are generally still reserved. We are currently working on more table and seating options as we expand. The market also changes traders from time to time and we try to source vendors that provide a variety of options to visitors.

      We certainly will address your concerns internally and we hope that your next visit to Vergenoegd is not disappointing as we constantly strive to provide a wonderful experience for all visitors.

      Kind Regards


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