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Vergenoegd’s Waddling Workforce and a Day Out

With coffee and tea in hand, we had the privilege of hosting Sherryn from Cyber Cellar before indulging in a tasty Hot Pot lunch on a beautifully warm, Cape Winter’s day! Click here to read more about her story!

Every morning at around 10am, 2140 little duck feet make their way from their pens, out and on to the farm to commence their daily duty of pest control on the farm. This practice, started in 1984 uses the Runner Ducks to remove snails, slugs and bugs in the most sustainable way possible. This, together with the carefully controlled breeding and protection process has earned the Vergenoegd Wine Farm a WWF biodiversity certification. Visiting the farm, you could get a chance to take a peek into the delicate process of bringing the little ducklings into the world with a comprehensive guide through their first few days on earth. The Waddling Workforce is one of the key highlights of the Vergenoegd Farm, and visitors are encouraged to pop by early to watch the spectacle of 1070 ducks making their way across the lawns of the farm.

Sitting next to a perfectly still blue body of water is the farm, buzzing with life and tranquil energy. It’s heritage is whispered through the beautiful white Cape Dutch buildings, dotted meticulously around the farm. With delicate finishing’s and structured craftsmanship, you can feel the generational history of the farm as you run your hand along the walls of the buildings. The farm has taken pride in its tradition and valued its history by preserving the craftsmanship, while ensuring that the rolling gardens provide the perfect area for you to soak up the ages of wine making. In the last year, the farm has undergone some great changes and is now heavily focused on creating a perfect day out for you to visit, picnic and experience all that it has to offer.

The Vergenoegd farm has seen a rich history from its birth in 1696 when it was entrusted into the hands of a Pieter de Vos who, upon looking at the tranquil land lying directly on the Eerste River, bestowed its name on it which means “Satisfaction has been achieved”. The land changed hands several times until it became a part of the Faure family who headed it up for six generations from the year 1820. It was only during the course of 2015 that the ownership changed once more and the farm took on a new life, bringing in the carefully molded tradition of winemaking and integrating upgrades and new activities.


The farm offers carefully designed artisanal picnics which blend the heart of Cape food with a bottle of the Runner Duck wine. Allow yourself slow hours of picking at delicate tastes while sprawled out on the lawns of the farm, or tucked away in the cozy barn should the weather be, well, very Cape. Winter however, brings offers a Winter Hot Pot to warm your bones on the grey rainy winters days. What is better than warming the soul with aromatic flavours and delicious red wine? The chef, Ryan, infuses fresh vegetables and delicately rich flavours in perfect winter lunches, perfect to warm and fill you while staring out across to Table Mountain.

If watching the duck parade and nibbling on perfect food wasn’t enough, the farm offers a variety of blending experiences and allows you 40 to 60 minutes to blend your own coffee, olive oil, tea, and naturally wine. These educational sessions are the perfect sensory journey to infuse history, skill and a bit of your own creativity into a perfectly crafted masterpiece. You can even take them home and even re-order in future.

The farm also offers wine tours through the farm to see the wine making process as well as tastings. At R35 per head it will allow you to sample the best the farm has to offer your palate. The kiddies are well catered for too. As you wonder around sipping on a glass of their famous Duck Runner, and savour the feeling of yesteryear in the farm, the children are kept busy for as long as you want with outdoor games and specially crafted activities that are carefully monitored by minders. They will naturally also have a chance to meet the ducks which is a firm favourite amongst the mini fans.


Vergenoegd offers various ranges of wines to suit any palate:

The Classic Range: Steeped in traditional winemaking, complex and well structured, this is a range not to be missed. The Runner Duck Range: Easy, everyday drinking wine which not only reach out to the fun, duck loving side of its fans, but allow for a perfect combination to any surrounding or meal. The Vintage Range: This is one of the only farms around Stellenbosch allowing you to taste Vintage flavours ranging from between 2 to ten years.

Keep an eye out for their events as soon they will be hosting a slow market and outdoor theaters hosted on the expansive lawns.

If you can’t make it out to this welcoming and friendly farm right now, but your appetite has definitely been whet, visit our store and pick up a gorgeous bottle of Shiraz or Runner Duck Red and keep a look out for the frequent specials.

Images: copyright Sherryn Verne de Vos & Vergenoegd Wine Estate | Copy: copyright Sherryn Verne de Vos

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2 thoughts on “Vergenoegd’s Waddling Workforce and a Day Out

  1. I visited the Vergenoegd Wine Estate last August and had a lovely time learning about the ducks and tasting the wine. Since then I’ve followed you on Facebook and would so love to re-visit! I also wish Runner Duck and Vergenoegd wines were available for sale in the US. Although I brought home a couple of bottles, I can’t bear to drink them – my keepsakes would be gone!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Thank your for your email and keeping in contact! We love hearing from our guests – this kind of feedback is priceless!

      That’s quite a tricky situation – to drink or not to drink!!! Fortunately the Vergenoegd wines have a good ageing potential but we completely understand that your keepsakes will then be gone if consumed right away! We’d suggest opening a bottle with your most special occasions only. The other option would be to export some wines to you. We also have an agent in Canada but we’d need to confirm stocks with them!

      Thanks for the follow on Facebook – but we certainly do hope to see you back at Vergenoegd in the near future!

      Kind Regards


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