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Child Friendly Wine Estate

We recently had the privilege of hosting Natalie from Love My Cape Town. She, together with her husband and two kids enjoyed their day at our Estate! Natalie shares their Vergenoegd experience in a very informative read…. Vergenoegd Wine Estate is a fantastic family destination in the Stellenbosch Winelands. The farm, under new management for […]

Our Vergenoegd Experience

Robynne and David from Lopville Living recently visited Vergenoegd Wine Estate and have shared their amazing experience with us…. We spent the most amazing day at Vergenoegd Wine Estate recently. Situated less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town, Vergenoegd has everything you need for a relaxing and delicious day out. We arrived nice and early […]

Our ducks & geese – not only hard workers, great models as well!

John Faure, master breeder of the Vergenoegd Indian Runner Ducks and geese, recently entered the Western Cape Poultry Club Show 2016, the oldest poultry club in the country. Results were pretty one-sided as John blew his competition out of the water. Hosted at Klein Plasie in Worcester, John (who introduced Indian Runner Ducks as effective […]

Vergenoegd’s Waddling Workforce and a Day Out

With coffee and tea in hand, we had the privilege of hosting Sherryn from Cyber Cellar before indulging in a tasty Hot Pot lunch on a beautifully warm, Cape Winter’s day! Click here to read more about her story! Every morning, little duck feet make their way from their pens, out and on to the […]


Let’s get some formalities out of the way: I am the SHE-half of What’s a not-so-foodie? Well, I’ve mastered the art of eating a whole apple and occasionally slap together a mean pasta (big whoop, wanna fight about it?). BUT, I love to stop morsels of awesome into my gob whenever possible. My pallet […]

The Vergenoegd Water Bird Habitat Project

  THE PROJECT  In honour of the runner ducks that do such hard work removing snails from our vineyards, Vergenoegd Wine Estate has initiated a project that aims to benefit their indigenous cousins. Since its launch in 2014, Vergenoegd has teamed up with a group of leading conservation organizations and government departments that promote conservation […]

Parade Away, Vergenoegd

Southey’s Wines visited Vergenoegd today and share their experience in a fascinating read! *Copy and images copyright drinkingwineblog Far off – in the opposite direction of the usual wine route – sits a charming estate with a captivating scenery; a comforting quietness and only about a thousand ducks for guests’ amusement. Delightful. As we arrive […]

Vergenoegd Runner Ducks Travel the World via Social Media

United Kingdom online publication, The Telegraph News, recently covered a story about our ducks, reaching over 21 million views on Insider! CLICK HERE to read more… By video news producer Charlotte Krol / Caters TV.

Harvest Lunches at Vergenoegd – Book Your Seat at our Table Today!

Michael Olivier, the well known Cape food and wine commentator has visited our estate on numerous occasions and shares his thoughts surrounding Vergenoegd and the harvest lunches…. Vergenoegd, at the gateway to the Stellenbosch Wine Route off the N2, is a busy place. As the estate only grows red wine grapes, the harvest starts a […]

Harvest Lunch at Vergenoegd

We enjoyed hosting South African Country Life at one of our recent harvest lunches beneath the plein trees. Greg Landman has shared the experience here…. The historic estate of Vergenoegd, home of the Faure family for six generations, has new owners who are breathing new life into it without changing the patina of the ages […]


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