Heeeeey readers! Last time I told you that I’m speechless about Vergenoegd, which never happens (my friends say I talk too much – whatever guys, I just have a good vocabulary that I want to share with the world). So, the good news is that I have found the words! In your FACE speechlessness…

tea 1

Onto the blending. In my previous post I mentioned that Vergenoegd is like a smorgasbord of experiences. Like blending your own wine that gets kept on file so that you can order more if you like. You even get your own label – fancy ne? (I should totally come up with something insanely awesome for my label *makes notes*). You can blend your own olive oil! (I love olive oil, everything is just better with olive oil… and butter). There’s coffee blending (I’d love to sound like a coffee aficionado here, but that’s a lie, I don’t like cof – put down your pitchforks, I’ll exit the room quietly). And, finally, there’s tea blending (tea is my drug. I love tea. Tea completes me).

olive oil 3

Here’s a brief run through of what each blending experiences is about: each experience is done separately in rooms that are alive with almost 4 centuries of history (ghosties, ghoulsies, self-playing piano-sies – for realsies). For every blending, you get three different versions of whatever you’re blending, a few beakers and pipettes to make you feel like a scientist, and a great guide to tell you everything you need to do to get to the point where you have created your own delicious blend, which you can buy and take home. (*R200 for the informative and fun blending experience which includes a personalized and labelled product that you’ve created).

coffee 2

Like, are you KIDDING me? A day of sipping on glorious things that make the taste buds throw tiny bulbous banquets in my honour? SOLD.

wine 4

We’ll go into the details of each experience in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for my next post! Until then, keep it classy and make sure you #visitVergenoegd. Seriously. Don’t make me force you.

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*prices subject to change, please refer to our bookings page for current and updated pricing.

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